UCLA Application

I finally got all my pieces chosen for submission. Below are just a few and my artist statement, Tell me what you think!

Seeing a wonderful piece of art is an exhilarating experience. Art can instantly lift someone’s spirits or make them question the course of the world. Even though art has always been part of my life, I have only recently begun creating myself. My two favorite outlets are photography and painting. I first experimented with photography because I loved its futuristic quality. However, after my first painting course last year I immediately became enamored.
Portraiture and self-portraiture captivate me. I was fortunate to go to the Prado Museum in Madrid this year and could barely prohibit myself from running through the halls with excitement. However, when I saw Flaming June by Fredric Lord Leighton I was solidified. My heart began to race and tears swelled in my eyes. The piece captured such a beautiful moment that could have easily been lost in time. It illustrated not only the subject’s form, but their soul as well. I am fascinated with a portrait’s ability to capture a smile or gesture that occurred centuries ago. Portraits can allow you to look into the eyes of someone you only could have met through the art. In my own work, I love illustrating the expressive nature of humans. Joining portraiture with morphing has recently become part of my work. I find this fusion innovative and profound. Humans are always evolving and through morphing I am able to elaborate on the process. I think of my pieces as a snapshot of a progression that has no end and no beginning. I am capturing only a moment of an entire story and enjoy maintaining the mystery of the subject’s identity, location and even species.
My best works are yet to be created and I will continue to strive for artistic growth throughout my life. UCLA will unearth the best artist within me and allow me to fully utilize my talent and creativity. This celebrated art department will make me competitive in the art world and enable me to share my gift; and hopefully in centuries to come, my work can make another heart race.

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