Urban Legend

Whilst going through the jumble that is my computer I found this photo shoot I did a few summers ago. It was one of my first photographic experiences and turned out better than we could have imagined. It was a hot August night and my friends and I were sitting on my bed trying to think of something to do. The idea of a photo shoot came up and before long we were running around the house with curlers in our hair trying to find outfits. We went for a gold-black color scheme because I was obsessed with the colors at the time after seeing an amazing Betsey Johnson dress in the fashion. After being done up from cat eyes to curls, we ventured down to a construction site on my property. For some reason, in the midst of summer, the floor was covered in water and created a cool urban vibe. The air was damp and it felt as if we had made a descent into an underground city or water way. For lighting we used construction shop lights we found nearby, which created a warm glow throughout the space. I love all the shots, and think we unearthed a sophistication beyond our expectations.
Enjoy, and have a great weekend!


Rachel Lynne

Mikey Blue Eyes

My model, Kathleen Jones, was the inspiration for this photo shoot. Kat loves alternative/grunge bands and I wanted to mirror the attitude of her idols. For this reason I dressed her in a bowtie, suspenders, bowler hat, and high tops. I contrasted these masculine accessories with heavy makeup and purple pants. After much whining Kat was fully done up; complete with rosy cheeks and cat eyes. She was also smoking a cigarette because I wanted her to look as if she was outside a club in L.A on a smoke break, maybe seeing Nirvana live :). I was very excited about the photos shot by the pool deck because the view of the lights gave a city vibe and the ice on the glass an edgy, cold feel. Kat also loves black and white photography so I edited multiple photographs in that fashion. I myself prefer a more modern style and created high contrast in those shots in order to achieve that goal. Kat is a very versatile model and her expressions changed from rebellious to distraught to natural. I love all the looks she gave me, and enjoyed the story it told. Enjoy!

"Though the sun is gone, I have a light"

-Kurt Cobain

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