Hello, Kitty!

The goal for this shoot was initially to simply bring my Harajuku sketches to life. However, it soon became much more. I wanted to create a world that was part-video game, part-cartoon and all fun. Childhood characters like Kirby and Hello Kitty were a must in the shoot. I was luckily able to borrow some fun Hello Kitty pieces from my slightly enamored friends Katie and Kylie. I found a field of purple flowers a few weeks ago on a hike and thought it'd be a perfect spot for the shoot. However, when we got there we couldn't make the hike. Turns out 5-inch heels aren't made for rough terrain. So we walked around, entertaining passing cars and hikers, until we found a cool spot with wild weeds. Once the sun had set, we ventured back to my house and shot against a freshly plastered white wall. I added more animation to bring life to the girly photos. I knew I had to do a Hello Kitty post card inspired shot. As a little girl I wrote endless letters with my kitty stationary set to anyone and anything. I once even wrote a letter while on vacation to my favorite stuffed toy, Rover, detailing my sympathies for leaving him behind while I had endless adventures. My dad promptly sent the letter to Rover, complete with kitty stamps and an address: The shelf in Rachel's Room. Sadly, he still hasn't written back.

Rachel Lynne

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