About Me

I'm Rachel Estrada, a Southern California based artist.  I love everything creative and enjoy expressing myself in all media. However, my favorite outlets are photography, painting, and fashion design.  I first experimented with photography because I loved its futuristic quality.  However, after my first painting course last year I immediately became enamored.  I love illustrating the expressive nature of humans.  Joining portraiture with morphing has recently become part of my work.  I find this fusion innovative and profound. Humans are always evolving and through morphing I am able to elaborate on the process.  I think of my pieces as a snapshot of a progression that has no end and no beginning.  I am capturing only a moment of an entire story and enjoy maintaining the mystery of the subject’s identity, location and even species.  I am excited to see where my work will take me in the future.  Feel free to contact me about commissions and purchasing, Enjoy!     

Rachel Estrada

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