Below is the amazing colaboration between artist/print maker,Amrei Hofst√§tter, and fashion designer, Manish Arora. Hofst√§tter designed the stunning, colorful prints and Arora morphed them into fashion art pieces.  This innovative collection just graced the Paris Fall/Winter 2011/2012 fashion week. I just stumbled upon it via behance.com, a fantastic site for everything from fashion to djing. Arora designs for a woman who is "part gypsy and part new age style icon", and who doesn't want to fit into that category!  Arora's strength is his use of elaborate hand embroidering and embelishments.  I know these pieces look even more fantastic in person, as witnessed by the beautiful close up shots below.  I've also added a video of the fashion show, which you MUST check out, if not just the opening act.  I won't give it away but Arora deffinetly knows an EPIC way to start a show, and set the excitement for the stage.  Enjoy! Hope everyones having a great weekend!



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Photo credit: behance network

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