Witchcraft: The Second

This shot was taken on the same day as the previous post, and was inspired by similar influences: dark films, art and photography. With this shot I also blended my new digital art skills with photography; layering pastels and paint strokes on top of the photo. The sky was originally a stark white; created from the glare of the foggy day. However, I added tan and grey hues to mirror the eerie imagery. I also painted blue into the sky to contrast the gold tones of the shot. I loved the smokey effect my painting had upon the sky, and continued the look by adding chalky, light grey smoke by my mouth; as if I was breathing it out. I also used a wet media brush to add paint stokes jetting out from my fingers, like scratch marks. I find the overall effect of the work positively haunting. I think the blending of photography and art created a great deal of depth in the piece; allowing the viewer to experience layers of imagery that a single unedited photo could not provide. I'm very excited to explore this art style further. Enjoy the shot! A few more from the series yet to come :)


Rachel Lynne

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The Dark Angel

This is the first photo from a series of photos I took with my friend Kathleen. The shoot was inspired by the dark films and art I've been seeing lately. This shot in particular was heavily inspired by Darren Aronofsy's new film, Black Swan and Tumblr blogs I've newly discovered. However, each photo really took on a life of its own in the editing process. As I edited the shots, my whirlwind of inspirations solidified, and each image evolved into a snapshot of it's own story. I've recently learned how to create art on the computer and I infused my new traditional/digital skills into the photographs; layering each image with pastels, charcoal lines, and paint strokes. I love the way the different mediums fused together and I think it created depth in the images. I edited and modeled in the images, and Kathleen was the photographer. This picture was taken in the woods surrounding a very old -potentially haunted- inn by my house. We didn't show the inn in any of the shots, but I think we were still inspired by it's presence and history during the photo shoot. I wore a vintage, mesh sweater with just a tan leotard underneath; despite the icy winter weather. Hope you like this first image! I definitely had fun putting together these photos. Enjoy, and feel free to re-blog! More to come :)


Rachel Lynne

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