Mikey Blue Eyes

My model, Kathleen Jones, was the inspiration for this photo shoot. Kat loves alternative/grunge bands and I wanted to mirror the attitude of her idols. For this reason I dressed her in a bowtie, suspenders, bowler hat, and high tops. I contrasted these masculine accessories with heavy makeup and purple pants. After much whining Kat was fully done up; complete with rosy cheeks and cat eyes. She was also smoking a cigarette because I wanted her to look as if she was outside a club in L.A on a smoke break, maybe seeing Nirvana live :). I was very excited about the photos shot by the pool deck because the view of the lights gave a city vibe and the ice on the glass an edgy, cold feel. Kat also loves black and white photography so I edited multiple photographs in that fashion. I myself prefer a more modern style and created high contrast in those shots in order to achieve that goal. Kat is a very versatile model and her expressions changed from rebellious to distraught to natural. I love all the looks she gave me, and enjoyed the story it told. Enjoy!

"Though the sun is gone, I have a light"

-Kurt Cobain


  1. oh my, you're such a fabulous stylist! the pearls + suspenders + bow + purple pants are love :) as is the bowler hat! i love the black & white ones best, enjoy your weekend ♥

  2. great photos. i really like the second one.

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  3. Great photos!!!
    I love the styling and your outfit.
    Xoxo Veronica

  4. Cool post.

    thanks so much for visiting! come back soon (:

  5. Cool photos! The background on the last one looks crazy like a lava field or something :)

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  7. cool shots, yeah, black and white, cigarettes and grunge are so amazing


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