Succulents are my absolute favorite plant. They seem exotic and sometimes even prehistoric. I composed this imagery in photoshop for a painting I'm working on. The succulents in the image are a collage of my favorite plants in my yard, at my school and a few exotics I found online via Google images. I just built the 5 ft by 1 1/2 ft canvas with a bit of help from my dad, half the staff at Home Depot and a few boys in my painting class. Definitely a trying experience! My teacher told me I had to "practice my hammering" for homework, who knew taping a nail into wood could be so hard. I then projected the image from my computer and sketched it out on the canvas. Now, I'm finishing up the painting with oil paint and listening to Kesha on repeat. I'll post picture of my progress soon! Tell me what you think!




  1. wow, this is absolutely stunning! the colours are incredible :)

  2. that is beautiful, great photoshop skills and such lovely colors!

  3. these are so pretty! they remind me of avatar! =)

  4. Amazing photo!! Nature is breath taking.

    Thanks for stopping by :)


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