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I just found out about this art competition called "Artists Wanted". The competition is based on self-portraiture and sounds like an amazing opportunity. The two main prizes are the grand prize (with a choice of either $7,000 or 6 months free living in a fabulous New York City apartment building) and a peoples choice award. Because I found out about it last minute I'm scrabbling to get everything together. Below is my artist statement and the piece I submitted. Or check out the link to my page, Tell me what you think! :)

Rachel Estrada was born into a family of talented artists and quickly became mesmerized by everything creative. As a result, becoming an artist herself was more natural than breathing. Worlds of make believe and ludicrous have always captivated Estrada and these ideals are always incorporated into her art. She is fascinated with the imagery of morphing. Rachel Estrada finds that people are always changing and she loves amplifying that process. In “Midnight Bloom”, she utilizes her love of nature. She is expanding upon her desire to become ever closer to the nature she loves. Estrada illustrates herself becoming what she loves. In this piece, she is so close to nature that she is part of is, and it is part of her. “Midnight Bloom” is a snapshot of a process that has no end, and no beginning. She is constantly changing, constantly re-discovering not only who she is but also what she is. In this piece she is glowing, radiating with positive energy. She is calm, and optimistic, exactly what the artist herself strives for.

Midnight Bloom:

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