The Waterfalls

A few days ago I discovered these beautiful waterfalls on a hike with some friends and instantly thought, I have to do a photoshoot here. So, today my friend Kathleen and I got made up and hiked to the falls, whilst trying to keep our makeup intact :). When we got there after about an hour on the trails, it was just as amazing as when we left it. The ice cold water was encased in granite and bright green ferns clung to the cliff walls. I was able to convince Kat to wear nothing but a sheet in the middle of the Santa Monica mountains and get in freezing water, for the sake of art! She's such an amazing model you could never tell how loud her teeth were chattering. Just when we were getting into the shoot, we heard other hikers. Thankfully, they happened to be friends from school. It's always exciting shooting in public areas! For the pictures of Kat, my muse was Michelangelo's Venus. I'm in love with the ghostly effect her sheet had under the dark water and the blue glow in all the shots. I also had Kat incorporate the persona of a native. The kind of person who has become more animal then human, and would be quick to growl. Finally, it was my turn to get in the shots and leave my warm, safe spot. I channeled the wild human persona in my shots as well. Once I was shaking too much from the cold water to be still for the camera, we got in our dry clothes happily and started hiking back. I can't believe I live within walking distance to such a beautiful spot! I hope these pictures are as inspiring as they were to shoot, Enjoy!

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