Cinco de Drinco

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!  I thought I'd celebrate by posting a painting I did recently of a baby Patron bottle.  When I saw this bottle in the market it was just too adorable to resist, I had to get it (and a few more mini tequila bottles!).  But this bottle was my absolute favorite, I loved the old world looking cork, the shape of the glass, and the silver metallic label.  Being an avid Alice in Wonderland fan, I had the idea to modernize the 'drink me' bottle Alice finds at the bottom of the well and I made a matching 'drink me' for my baby patron bottle.   The painting is oil on canvas and the original is roughly 11 x 14 inches.  It was my first attempt at a photo realistic style, and I based the imagery on a photo I took at my school photography studio.  The orignal photo is fantastic as well, but I love the fantasy, vintage flare the painting has.  Prints are available upon request, and tell me what you think!       

"The two best things in life are FRIENDS and TEQUILA, and the best memories usually involve both"


Rachel Lynne

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