Heres a little drawing I just finished of Tavi Gevinson; the now 15 year old fashion blogger who exploded on the scene when she was just eleven years old.  I found this photo (below) when I first discovered her blog, the Style Rookie, a few months ago, and - as with all blogs I immediately fall in love with - I couldn't stop myself from clicking 'next post' until I reached the very first page.  The photos below are the drawing inspiration, and screen shots of the progression of the drawing.  I love how these photos display how a little eyeliner, and white highlights on her brow bones can completely alter the mood of a drawing, and make it 'complete'.  I had a lot of fun working on this project.  It was one of my first times testing out the capabilities of my new imac and photoshop CS5.  I used my Wacom drawing talet and a photoshop brush that mirrored pastels on paper.  I absolutely love the brush and the realism it created.  It was also fun discovering the differences of computer drawing and working on actual paper.  I found myself habitually wiping my hand in between drawing strokes to get pastel residue off the side of my hand, but the great thing about drawing on the computer is you never get messy! Or have the opportunity to smudge your paper!  Drawing on the computer is often so much more fun then paper drawing because in someways its easier.  Not in the sense that it's easier to draw, but in the sense that there is an undue button and you have so much control over what your doing.  You can easily make her blush lighter or darker by changing the opacity, or brighten the colors of the entire piece; a task that would make you nearly have to start from scratch in real life drawing.  However, even though I love the ease of computer art, the current piece I'm working on is on, no 'undo', no 'backspace', no 'delete layer' or 'increase saturation', normal -- paper.  Your entirely accountable, you know every stroke you make and every drop of paint, is permanent.  And in some ways that makes it so much better, and when you look at your finished piece, you know you used no more then the materials that the masters of art have been using for hundreds of years, and if it still looks good, you know your true worth as an artist.  Anyways! Enjoy these shots and click on the images to enlarge, that way you can see the dozens of colors I put into the piece, and the subtle movement of each stroke - Enjoy!            



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  1. wonderful, you got some skill girl!!

  2. It's amazing!!!! You're so talented!



  3. answer: thank you so much :) this painting is stunning, i love her blue eyes!



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