The Indians

Everyday on my way to school, I pass by this open field before I make my decent down the canyon. Mount Boney is in full view and you can see the entire city below. I'm always tempted to jump out of my car and run through the tall golden grass. It looks untouched by society. As if, an Indian could ride by on a painted pony, completely unaware of electricity and MTV. Finally, after months of mere glimpses of this amazing spot while driving late to class, I finally got to run in the fields. My goal for this shoot was to capture the Indian in the field, projected by my wild imagination. After, decorating my sister, Roxanne, and friend, Courtney, in an assortment of beads and feathers we drove to our location. As we walked through the field, I instantly regretted wearing flip-flops. In all the frolicking I imagined, I never pictured pricklers or the possibility of curious snakes. Its quite funny how unrealistic artists can be, too lost in day dreams for practicality. Besides the minor inconveniences, it was perfect. The sun was just beginning to set and a golden light was cast across the field. It was amazing to be able see my vision before me. We used my grandmothers authentic Talking Stick and their faces were painted with tribal designs. I love how Courtney's paint matches her bright blue eyes. The look was so exquisite I'm nearly tempted to duplicate it in daily use. It was a fantastic shoot, I can't wait to go back again. Maybe next time, we won't be the only Indians in the field.

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